Permaroof Waterbased Adhesive


Permaroof Waterbased Adhesive is suited to wood and ply adhesion.
This is often used because it is easy to apply, and you can then lay the EPDM straight onto it, while it is still wet.
It is also possible to correct mistakes shortly after the EPDM has been laid down, up to 2-3 times, if you find there is unwanted debris underneath. This is due to a slightly elongated drying time.
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2.5L Coverage Approx: 10 – 12m2 on to dry timber
5L Coverage Approx: 20 – 22m2 on to dry timber
10L Coverage Approx: 40 – 44m2 on to dry timber
This adhesive should be used on flat timber surfaces, not suitable for brickwork.
Apply even coat to timber deck using a 9″ emulsion roller.
Mate the two surfaces and follow with a brooming over the membrane to ensure proper bonding.
Avoid globules and puddles allow to tack off before mating.
For best results apply Permaroof Deck Adhesive to smooth, dry timber surface.
Use only when temperatures will not fall below freezing at any time 24 hours after mating with EPDM.

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2.5L, 5L, 10L

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