Permavent Eco Breather Membrane 1x50m


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Permavent use the very latest technology from the medical industry to encapsulate the highest grade hydrophobic film inside the very highest quality spunbond polypropylene layers. Unlike other companies, who simply stick the different layers together, Permavent membranes are manufactured in a single process that greatly improves the quality and integrity of our membranes. This 3 in 1 process means that Permavent offer the best performing breather membranes in their class with superior strength, breathability, flexibility and durability.


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For use on all types of domestic and commercial roofing and walling applications, including:
cold non vented
traditional hybrid
cold vented
Scottish and fully boarded applications

Suitable for use in zones 1 to 4*.
(Wind Zones in the UK for underlays used for specific applications as described in BS 5534)


Weight, g/m290
Water tightness, classw1
Water vapour transmission (sd),m0.02
Maximum tensile force (MD), N/50mm200
Maximum tensile force (CD), N/50mm150
Elongation at max. tensile force (MD), %65
Elongation at max. tensile force (CD), %55
Resistance to tearing MD (nail shank), N100
Resistance to tearing CD (nail shank), N90


Permavent apex wind uplift results

Batten gaugeDeclared Wind Uplift Resistance,
PD (N/m2)
Zone Suitability
?345 mm
(maximum gauge, large format tiles)
Taped lap: >15391 to 4 (All applications)
Batten restrained lap: Not tested1 (Domestic applications)
(600mm slates)
Taped lap: >25001 to 5 (All applications)
Batten restrained lap: 15101 to 4 (All applications)


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